Section Tools Bug - No HPattern showing

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Hi @rajaa look like this bug is occurring again with
Rhino Version 7 SR13
(7.13.21334.13001, 2021-11-30)

SectionTools assign to Section last used hatch pattern.

Luca, nothing changed in the plugin.
Can you please open a new session, run Hatch command and create any hatch (other than Solid).
Now run a SectionTools command and see if the hatches load.

Hi @rajaa
I did some more tests
Hatches load correctly if I use a default Rhino template (say “Small Objects - Millimeters.3dm”).
They do NOT show when I run a SectionTools on a file where there are more hatch patterns.

Hi @rajaa
I did some more tests
looks like some pattern (names?) were blocking hatch to load during Sectiontools command.
I purged my custom template from all pattern and then added again one by one.

I did not had the chance yet to really test SectionTools after last updates.
Looks more powerful, stable and straightforward.
Thank you!

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I’ve got this same problem.
The trouble is that it is impossible to delete the hatches I imported…
The delete button is visible (not grayed out) but clicking on it does nothing
Unfortunately this makes hatching impossible with section tools (it just reverts to a solid hatch for everything)
Nothing I have tried makes any difference

Is there a folder where I can delete the hatches ?
How can I remove them ?

@ambrose_bill Do you have access to the RhinoWIP?
The latest SectionTools release should have fixed most of these issues. Please try and let me know if you still have problems.

I do. Thank you for the reply. I’ll use the WIP and report back