Section Tools, Background view


(Stahlbergnils36) #1

Hi there,
I am using the section tools plugin for a cabinet. How can I see the background in the different sections? In this case the backsides of the drawers? (I marked it red)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - so far I am too dense to understand what it is you’re asking - can you post a simple example?



(Stahlbergnils36) #3


the red lines in the layout are the backsides of the drawers, which I have additionally drawn. Otherwise these lines would not be visible in the layout. Is it possible to show these lines directly in the layout when I create a section with SectionTools? This is a Front view section for example, and in the Side view section i would have the same problem, i would not see the drawer guides in that case. Do you understand what i mean?
Thanks for your Support!


I believe what you are saying is that you want to see not just the 2D profile created by a “section”, but you want to basically see a clipped view of your model?

Am i understanding you correctly?

(Rajaa Issa) #5

Does it help to use stViewSections and set the view to the section? It will alight your view with the section, and you can see all background objects…

(Stahlbergnils36) #6

@Evan1: Yes, in principle already.
Actually, I want a normal 2D cut, with what’s in the cabinet behind it.

That’s what our customers get. You see some of the things are not in the 2D Layout directly. But it would be easier.

@rajaa: I’ll try this later. Because I’m late in the Office today. I have an appointment outside.
Thank you all.


If you do not need the actual section lines, the curves themselves, then just use clipping plane.