Section Styles

I’m playing around with Rhino 8, section styles.
1- I would like to know how and where to get more styles? So far I see only 9 but I would like to get more or make some custom designs.
In this link (Rhino - Section Styles) you show earth and concrete and more but I can’t find them.
2- Can I design some in Rhino and then export in some format that allows me to do this?
Back in Rhino 7 I have a material assigned (jpeg image) for all clipping plane created on a specific layer. I have applied the same jpeg to the clipping plane in Rhino 8 but it doesn’t show.

Hi Martin -

You are referring to hatch patterns. Those are only one aspect of a section style.

You can find lots of hatch patterns on the web. You can import the *.pat files from the Document Properties -> Hatch page.

Not natively. Here are some options:


Thank you very much, very helpful!

Next Question :slightly_smiling_face:

As you can see here, the hatch scale is different on viewport and page layout.
Where can I fix this? I want the page to match viewport scale.

Layout print is also not matching what I want the document to be.
Scale of hatch is very small.
Section detail window is not showing on print.

Hi Martin -

The recommended workflow is to set the section hatch scale to something that looks good on the paper size that you are using in the layout, and then set the document hatch scaling (Document Properties → Hatch → Model space hatch scale) to something that makes this also look good in model space.

There are many variables at play here - please post the 3dm file.