Question about Section Style in Rhino 8

We’ve heard a new feature called ‘Section Style’ is added to Rhino 8
Is this feature about just ‘hatch’ or does it allow setting line color, line width, and scale per style? We’ve read through the thread below, but it looks like it’s impossible to do that through section style at this moment. Will it be possible in final release?

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Color is handled on a layer/object basis. Scale and pattern can be set per style. Line width for hatches cannot be set afaik.

I can’t seem to find where to set the color for an object’s section hatch…
I would expect it here

but it ain’t. Where to look?

Ok, the Display Mode has an influence.

These are the options:

But none of these are working when one wants to set the section color per object, but not the same as the object color.

  • Plane’s color… would make it necessary to create one clipping plane per object, each with another color.
  • Solid color… not if you want to have different colors per object, obviously.
  • Object color… the best option, but how then would you set the object’s wireframe color to something else?

I think it would be best if the Section Style would add a section color parameter.


FYI: VisualArq offers a per-object section color:

Always found this perfectly intuitive.


i dont understant why mcneel sometimes does not adopt just good things already in existence. there is nothing new to invent just implement.