Section or frame design - Boat designs

Hi … Can anybody give me some advice on the best way to design boat frames in Rhino.
I’m aware of the normal section commands and are more looking for a way in which I will be able to make ONE frame, set a command to copy and … Miracles happen.


Kobus, the miracle is in you. Your ideas is what shapes the object. As far as frames goes shape minus thickness of material used to skin the frames. If it is new work , doesnt it come down to lofting?
Are you making the hull from scratch ? I guess it depends on how complicated it is too ? Maybe every frame is different in size on one side. After that you could mirror the shapes to the other side.
Don’t if I was helpful, Mark

Grasshopper might be able to create a miracle frame…

The pros do each one manually though, using various combinations of the following commands:

Section, Join, Offset, Fillet, PlanarSrf, ExtrudeCrv…

Method to make frames depends in part on the shape of the frames, if the frames will be beveled to conform to the shape of the hull, or if the frames will be twisted to lie against the shape of the hull.