Section Fill Prints In Front, Displays Behind

This is a Hidden View. The Arches are solids in Blocks. A VaSection is cutting the section. Clipping is turned off for the arches. The should match the display.

Displays As Desired:

Prints Like This:

what if you shade the blocks?

If I shade the blocks it displays correctly. In fact there’s a shaded view beneath this view on my layout. But I need this HIddne view to control lines, and to show contours on nurb surfaces (Shaded doesn’t do that and it’s mesh views tend to occlude the linework.) But this post is in the wrong forum. It should be in Visual Arq because it seems likely to be associated with the VaSection.

maybe using _Sendbackward ? just guessing

Moved to Plug-ins VisualARQ

@djhg please send us the model to and we will take a closer look.