Feature Request: Surface Hatches - vaSection style

It would be fantastic if VisualARQ added the ability to dynamically hatch surfaces, to be shown in ‘Hidden’ display mode the way it currently does with sections.

That would allow a Revit-like easy creation of drawings that could be printed in vector with an indication of materials/surfaces.

My current workaround is to add hatches/fills as separate objects using grasshopper but it would be amazing if ‘surface hatch’ was a property in the “section attributes” tab (even though strictly speaking, this would work with or without a section).

Ideally, there would also be a switch to turn this feature on and off, the same way you can turn on an off the line thickness display.

Does anyone else have some good workarounds for this?


Some (fairly poor) examples of what the result might look like. I wonder how heavy the result would be on the OpenGL pipeline…


Hi @Patt, this feature is planned for future versions. I add your vote for it and will let you know when it comes true.

This is something we might consider to add as well, since I agree it would be useful.


Thank you! And thanks for the quick responce.