Searching layers is slow

There’s a noticeable lag when typing query in the search field in the layers panel. This search is a great feature, but it’s a bit annoying to wait 3 seconds each time for the results to appear (also a shortcut to access it would be useful)

Hi @Daniel_Krajnik,

How can I repeat this?

– Dale

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Sorry, you are right, I should have included more information. If there is any way to record rhino’s internals while this is happening, which I could forward to help replicate that please let me know.

Rhino 8 WIP so far on my machine has been noticeably slower in general in comparison to Rhino 7, so I think that this may be fixed just by switching to a faster computer. Sorry, not sure what may be causing it or how to “dump” more information from it.

how many layers/sublayers does your file have when it takes this long? Is it faster in other files?

I’ve counted 617 layers, most of them from linked blocks (layers style “reference”). Previously there were about 1.5 thousand layers and it was running much slower (or the latest Rhino 8 WIP improved it in some other way)