Searching for IGH_Goo returns something else (GH_Goo) - Why?

Searching Grasshopper API I first couldn’t find IGH_Goo since the results only listed GH_Goo.

It was only via a link on a page I eventually found IGH_Goo. Search string:

Otherwise, although not in this case, it is generally a problem that search on RC and Gh API tends to only look for “exact matches”. No stemming, which is the other problem. Often I search for something unknown to me, but then search is not helpful at all (exact matches only).

// Rolf

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@RIL Sorry, I just realised that I never replied publicly.

You’re not the first person I’ve heard this from. IGH_Goo is in the list (checking “Sort by title” helps to find it, in this case, but not in others…) but I’ve no idea why it isn’t at the top! These docs (and RhinoCommon’s) are generated using Sandcastle so we’re somewhat bound by their crappy search functionality for now.

I’ve logged this as WWW-760.

You can also try searching directly from the main website. The results aren’t perfect either – I don’t know why the IGH_Goo page doesn’t show up here either…! – but they might help you find what you’re looking for.

Yes, that looks way better!

I had given up on direct search and started using site-search with :

site: HIGH Goo

// Rolf