Rhino developer docs - more refined (limited) search

Can you please allow us to search the current page in priority (or some other more selective system) instead of having to search the entire Rhino universe each time? For example, if I’m looking for a code sample and I’m already on the Samples page, I would like to look on that page first…

I can enter http://developer.rhino3d.com/samples/: my search keyword(s), but that’s painful and only seems to work partially AFAICT.

Thanks, --Mitch

And stemming… at least as an option.

100% match is sometimes required to limit results, but not allways because a it often eliminates any result.

If always remembering the exact syntax the search field isn’t required at all.

// Rolf

I will see if we limit the search to developer.rhino3d.com if that works better for you.

What terms are you typing in? What do you expect from the search?

I updated the site to limit the search to developer.rhino3d.com. This works, but unfortunately it eliminates the search of discourse questions in the results. Do you think it is better?

Discourse questions can be searched separately, no problem.

// Rolf

I’m not sure I agree with this, as there is a ton of very valuable “how to” on Discourse.

Yes, but it is a different kind of source. More “messy results” which is not always what you are looking for.

Separating sources makes search results more predictable.

Perhaps a checkbox can include Discourse? A checkbox for inclusion of all different sources is the very best thinkable.

Top it off with a “gobal search banner” on all (ALL) McNeel sites (which I did on a site-group once, it was just perfect).


// Rolf