Search a way to export lines and arc's and import in excel to make Gcode

is there a way to export a exploded closed curve in lines and arc’s so it can be imported in excel to make Gcode.
It works after checking the curve directions (all the same) then for each curve I copy the data witch is displayed with the what command to excel, add the direction (cw or ccw). but this way is very time consumming.
If I select all the lines and arc’s and use the what command, I can not find the beginning of a first line/arc and it seems to me there is no sequens in the data

Wait, you want to make gcode in Excel?

Yes if possible.
Because I do not know a other way.

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native

If you’re familiar with Grasshopper, you can take a look at Silkowm (free addon) or Bark Beetle (free definition). Both let you export gcode directly from Rhino.

Otherwise, you’d need a script that basically divides your curves into points and exports them to a CSV file (i.e. comma-separated values) that you could then import into Excel.

Not familiar with grasshopper but thanks for the advise. I will look into it.