Gcode to Grasshopper

Hi all,
I have been using grasshopper lately and i have a question, actually it’s use Rhino to convert the geometry to Ccoge, It is any way to convert a Gcode to a geometry in Rhino -grasshopper?

You mean to lines? Yes it is possible. You need to link your gcode file to grasshopper and start dissecting the lines of code, removing unnecessary text and converting it to point and then to lines. So basically reverse engineer the grasshopper definition you have to create the gcode.

oh… Do you have any example of how to do it?, to be honest, im not sure how to make it…

or this

I’ve used Silkworm, it’s a great tool but does require some familiarity with Gcode and tuning with your machine.

Is Silkworm appropriate for 2D GCode also? for just exporting paths from Rhino?

As long as your geometry is 2D, the g-code will be too.

Since the gcode generated is for marlin you’ll also need to make sure that it’s compatible with whatever firmware you’re using. Since the output is just strings you can easily change/remove any commands that aren’t supported. Either with a script or a text editor such as Sublime or Atom.

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