How to Identify Individual Curve In Grasshopper

I have code I wrote in Excel VBA - while I used Rhino5 - that converts curve coordinates downloaded from Grasshopper into g-code.

I extracted the curves’ co-ordinates by first deconstructing then constructing the points collection and passing these into a panel. Theareafter, I right clicked the panel and selected “Copy all content”.

Pasted into Excel, these contained delimiters that allowed my code know when to transfer to another curve (the field colored green in the attachment)

I revisited this effort yesterday - in Rhino6 - and those curve delimiters are no longer there when I download point coordinates from Grasshopper! I only now have a single column headed with {0} when I paste into Excel.

Does anyone know how to include them please? I hope the attachment further clarifies.

Many thanks in advance.

Did you rebuild the script in Rhino 6? It looks like you just structured you data slightly differently.

If you can share the .gh file I can take a look and give a more specific answer.

Thank you very much.

I suspect it is the latter - the way I structured and extracted the data in Grasshopper. I cannot remember the specifics of the original effort much. I scripted in the Excel VBA environment.

The files are attached.

Thank you once again.Curve_Segments.3dm (1.0 MB) (113.2 KB)

I thank you very much.

I have attached the files. (113 KB)

Curve_Segments.3dm (1.02 MB)

Fix attached.

How did you generate the points already in the file? This script recreates them from each line’s segments but misses ~5 pts that were already in there.

Curve_Segments_edit.3dm (1.0 MB) (120.3 KB)

It is 1/4 of the corner designs in a frame. I created it in Rhino.

Thereafter, I converted the curves to lines (Curve - Convert - Curves to Lines) then I extracted the points (Curve - Curve from objects - Extract points).

The missed points are probably artefacts from another item.

Understood, thanks.

Is this fix working for you? You should be able to add as many curve references as you want in the new file.

If not, we can start from the points and pair/order them along their curves, but that’s a bit more involved.

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Many thanks.

Loading them. A short moment please.

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Exactly what I wanted!

Thank you.

What did I do wrong please?

I noticed that you inserted the Disc piece.


Many thanks.

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When you referenced the points directly, grasshopper operated on them all as one list with no heirarchy ( {0} ).

All I did was reference the lines instead ( our new {0} ) and then extract the points from them with Discontinuity. Since that component outputs lists, it structured the data as a “list of lists,” with one list for each curve. So we get {0; N} where N refers to the item in {0} that it operated on.

Overkill level of a detailed explanation by David here.


I’m off to drink from David’s fount.

Many thanks once again.

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