Seach of a scribble component does not match "comment" or "note" keywords

This topic arises from a very minor frustration with GH when searching for the “scribble” component.


  • I want to a add a comment on the document
  • I double click on the document to have a search window (I had forgotten that to put comment on a document, you need the “scribble” component)
  • I enter “comment” then “note”


  • the scribble component does not appear


  • Since I am used to other modeling tools, I was searching for note or comment (UML standard, for instance, has a “Comment” item).

    Proposed solution:
    Could it be possible to have the “scribble” component be proposed when one search for “note” or “comment” in the keyword search ?
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Yes could be. You can also use the tilde shorthand in the search window:

~ some text here

Will create a scribble with the specified text.


thks, very cool, I will use ~ from now on