Comments on grasshopper layout

I’ve been searching for a “Comment” or “Notes” component so that I can document the layout that I’ve created. I have not found anything, except to use a Point component and change its description to the notes/comment that I’d like to show. What I don’t like is that these components retain their orange color and show the small balloon in the right top corner.

Is there another way to do this, or am I using the best practice here?

Sounds like you are looking for the post-it note, a.k.a. Panel. (short-cut is two forward slashes).

Aha! I knew it! Thanks :smile:

How does the shortcut work? I’m typing two forward slashes, but nothing happens…

Hi Menno,

Alternatively, you can scribble on the layout.


The shortcut for panel is " double quotes :wink:
Shortcut for example a slider is 0<10<100
Minimum 0, start number = 10 max number = 100.
For if you were interested xD

You can also select an item. Rightclick on background, Group. Then you can give some stuff a color and name it.


Double click once in the layout “canvas” to open the search box and start typing… There are some cool shortcuts many people don’t know about (is there a list somewhere?) like typing a number plus a decimal and getting a slider with a decade that contains the number with the precision set to the number of decimal places typed…


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Double-click on layout -> type two forward slashes -> enter
Double-click on layout -> type two forward slashes, followed by the text in the panel -> enter


Here’s a list of mouse actions:

A slider can also have decimals etc. If you type like 0.00 the slider will have 2 decimals :slight_smile:

You mean this one, Mitch?

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Is there a list of shortcuts (like the double forward slash or numbers for sliders) for the search box?


You guys are fast. Thanks!

I’ve searched a bit but I only know that they tell a lot of them in the introduction video’s:

Video’s will take about 60 minutes in total to watch.

Just to be complete there is another alternative for commenting Definitions.

Using the Title of the Group Function:

Menu: Edit>Group
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+G
Radial Menu: Middle Mouse Button or Spacebar with a Selection.


You also might like to read this discussion about organizing GH Definitions. Which is still open to all for adding to!

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Again, thanks for the answers above. Very insightful!

It is so nice to see such response on a question :smiley:

Yes, thank you!