ScriptEditor: Cannot import numpy -- Rhino 8 Beta

Hi there!
I tired to import numpy in Rhino BETA (Script editor) and there is error in “importing numpy”
Please see the attached screenshot for the reference.

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@Kanika_Rajain try removing the comments at the top of the file. It looks like there is a bug in the requirements parsing code and what you tried to run will not install numpy.

This successfully installs numpy for me:

#! python3
# r: numpy
import numpy

Thanks for reporting this bug! We are tracking this as RH-77906 ScriptEditor: Python requirements are not parsed in the example file

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Many thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

You can run ‘pip install numpy’ in cmd. Note that you have to set the path as ‘where the rhino8 python3 is installed/Scripts’.

Other modules can be installed in this way as well, in this way you don’t have to text ‘# r: module name’ every time.

Noted, thanks!