Script Rotate Rhino 6


In rhino 5 it was possible to give 3 locations:
RhinoApp.RunScript("_Rotate _Copy=_No w0,0,0 w0,1,0 @1,0,0", False)
For example, but Rhino 6 does not accept any coordinates I give.

Is this a bug or how can Rotate be scripted with Rhino 6?

Thank you very much.


Anyone has an idea?

Is this a bug?

Hi @jordy1989,

Yes, a bug.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Thank you for your reply.
Any idea if this will be availalble in the next update? And when the update is expected?

Please let me know. No is also an answer :slight_smile:

Hi @jordy1989,

A fix may not make it into SR2. But the service releases are coming pretty frequently for Rhino 6. So an SR3 would only be a few weeks away.

– Dale

Hi @dale

I see SR3 can be downloaded but it is not yet fixed.
Can you tell me if it will be in SR4?


Hi @jordy1989,

There is currently an SR2 Release Candidate (RC) available. We’ve yet to post an SR3 RC.

– Dale