Rhino 6 Rotate - first reference point fails

When I try and add the first reference point the Rotate command exits.

Angle or first reference point <-30.7486> ( Copy=No ): 0,1,0

Is this a bug ? V5 accepts world co-ordinates typed in for the Rotate command.


Seems to be working here… Start Rotate, select an object, type coordinates for center, type coordinates for first ref pt, type coordinates for second ref pt…


Hi Keith - this should be fixed in 6.3



Ah, OK, that’s why it is working here, I have the 6.3 RC.

IS RC3 out as SR3 yet ? not sure where to look :slight_smile:

No, SR3 is still in the release candidate stage. To get them, you need to set your update frequency to release candidate in Options>Updates.


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