Autosave naming

Is there a way to have Autosave save each occurrence as a unique file name? I have a script for this in Max and it has saved my bacon more than once. It would be a handy thing to have in Rhino.


Hi Dennis - Rhino should do that - unless the file is not saved (Untitled) - these will autosave over that same file. But normal, saved files each have their own autosave files. Is that what you meant?


Thanks Pascal. What I’m asking for is a unique file name every time Autosave executes. My max script adds a version number to the file name each time (myfile01, myfile02, etc.) Thus I can go back to an earlier version that’s no older than my Autosave increment. (AutoCad does this as well but sticks on a much longer number to the end of the file name)

Ah, OK, like IncrementalSave - does that work for you? It is not on a timer like Autosave but I suppose it could be. AutoSave currently is a safety device not a version-saver. I think IncrementalSave is maybe a better candidate.


The timer is the lifesaver in my scenario. I generally have “ctl-s” on a hair-trigger but sometimes I forget or a crash happens between saves so not having to thinks about it is stress-averting! Is there a way to assign incremental save to a short-cut key?

Never mind. Figured out the short-cut key assignment.

Hi Dennis - check Help for ‘Idle Processor’ that might be of some use as well.


Great idea. I’ll give it a try,