Script error in V7


I have a script which I use successfully in V6 to export cutlists to excel.

When I try to run the script in V7 trial, I get the following error:


I have moved the script file into the V7 plugins folder on the c drive, but this hasn’t helped.

script file attached.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

many thanks,

ExcelExport.rvb (7.7 KB)

Hi John - it looks like you need to move this

Dim FileLocation : FileLocation = Rhino.InstallFolder

to a writable location.


Many thanks Pascal,

I’m not clever enough with scripting to understand what’s going on here unfortunately!

since the same script works fine in V6, have you any idea how I’d change this line of the script so that it works in V7?


update - got it working!

the “MaterialSpecificGravityList.ini” was not in the V7 folder. copying it across has made it work.

Thanks again,