Script alternatives to Untrim & WIP's DeleteFaces (BRep/Polysurface only)


may solve problems like these:
This script deletes selected edges/trims from faces. The remaining trims will either remain or their edges will be replaced with curves.
This script deletes selected faces from a brep and contains an option (on by default) to attempt to heal the remainder of the brep. For example, it solves the latter thread’s example when the larger cylindrical face and the planar face between the 2 cylindrical faces in the center are selected.
When the script cannot heal the brep, whether due to limitations, bugs, and/or no solution exists, it will attempt to replace it with other geometry that assists in completing the task manually.

There is no installation; place all .py files in the .zip into a Module Search Path for Rhino Python, e.g., %AppData%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts
and run the desired .py.
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These supporting scripts in the .zip are also useful on their own:

I will also post this on food4Rhino.


i came across your scripts on github, your deleting faces and healing script is freaking magical.

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