Solid modeler like DeleteFaces script

i found this script on github that deletes faces like a solids modeler does by filling in the deleted faces. this is something i’ve always wanted in rhino. although it doesn’t work in all cases it does pretty good on simple cuts in the solid and saves tons of time extracting, untrimming, and patching the “holes”.

i’m wondering, if this can be done in python script why can’t it be native within rhino as a real command?

here’s a screen grab of the script in action and a link to the script on github

I’m pretty sure V7 will do this if you use sub-object select.

with subobject selection it just deletes the faces, it doesn’t fill it in an retrim

Yes. I had a situation to actually try it out yesterday and discovered exactly what you describe. I’ve been so blown away with the “magical” things that happen to solids with subobject moving that it seemed to me that it would fill holes too.

Perhaps this could be an option on subobject delete somehow? (delete and fill???) @stevebaer

This may be best for @rajaa to take a look at since she wrote DeleteHole. I’m personally not very involved with these solid editing commands.

cool, thank you for the reply