Script alternatives to MergeFace & MergeAllFaces and
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are alternatives to _MergeFace and _MergeAllFaces, respectively, that besides planar faces, willl also merge conical, cylindrical, spherical, toric, and some other NURBS-surface faces (

There is no installation; place all .py files in the .zip into a Module Search Path for Rhino Python, e.g., %AppData%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts
and run the intended .py through various means (Running a Python script in Rhino with Python)

Known limitations:

  • Non-manifold breps are skipped
  • Bad results when used on breps with overlapping faces

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you


Hi @spb,

Great stuff - thanks for sharing!

If you are still feeling ambitious, you might consider posting this on Food4Rhino.


– Dale

Very good job it works perfectly.
Thank’s for sharing