Screen freezes when I insert a clipping plane - Rhino 6

Hi everyone,

I’ve been facing this issue for the last two days without any success: My screen and computer freeze when I insert a clipping plane to the Rhino 6 model. Initially it seems that it’s thinking and after 2 minutes I can’t click on anything inside or outside Rhino.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Best is to run _SystemInfo after opening Rhino and post the result here. Most likely a display driver issue.

Hi - as Gijs says, please provide your SystemInfo.
That said,

… was this any different 3 days ago? If so, what happened on your system?

Thanks for your reply. Please find attached my system information.

I was able to create clipping planes without freezing the system earlier. Today I tried to create a CP in a new empty model, attaching the main model as a worksession. Initially it worked and after a while it started freezing again. Not sure if anything changed in the system.

Hello - in Options > PlugIns page, please disable any plug-ins with VRay or Enscape in the names and then restart Rhino. Is that any better?


I just have the same issue here.
I’m using a Rhino 6 SR24 on a Windows 10 on a 2015 rMBP 15".
The computer freezes almost instantly after a clipping plane is turned on.
I uninstalled the latest graphic card driver from AMD, and I download a previous one dated 11/7/2017.
Clipping plane works just fine with the old driver!
Even with better cutting effect, no more broken graphics with objects being cut.

Give it try, good luck!

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