Scissor Structure

Hi folks.
what I want to do is to create a linear series of scissor structure. as the picture below:images
there are a couple of problems I came acrossed with:

  1. the endpoints splits If the whole structure moves in a direction
  2. the lines in my script does not become compatc so that the scissor structure completly does its task.
  3. I think I need a cluster for lines shape and pinpoints on them in order to hold the structure toghether
    can you help me please? the length of each line is 0.417
    thank you in advance
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My problem isn’t that complicated and also not a curved structure, just a simple linear one direction pantograph which I’m going to attach to a pneumatic arm.

In that case keep it simple - no need for simulation (7.7 KB)


For sure! Yours is much simpler than mine. (20.4 KB)

Thank you Daniel
in origami’s simulation is needed, I’m looking forward to focus on learning kangaroo in order to simulate such structures.

Yes, when the problem is simple enough that a simple geometric solution is possible I think it’s usually better to use that, but if this is a test for something more complex where such geometric approaches aren’t obvious then you can simulate it like this: (12.9 KB)
The key is the ‘rod’ goal - each arm of the scissor is a polyline with 2 segments, and this goal keeps the 2 segments in a straight line.

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Fascinating, yet bizarre. Having to supply the two polylines isn’t quite as convenient and parametric as the “simple geometric solution”, though GH code to create those segments could be added, of course.