Scaling in 1 dimension (animation) scale1d

I tried to scale1D this curtain while animating. Boxedit does not work and nor does scale1d. How do you use the native bongo scale to transform a complex object in one dimension?

Here is a photo of the object:

If you want to animate scale in Bongo you need to use the BongoScale command or by using the scale boxes on the Timeline.

Hello Marika,

Thanks so much! In your link though the tutorial only covers how to scale3D not scale1D. BongoScale scales the whole object in all directions at once, not just in one. I need to make an effect where the curtain stretches along the X-axis only (scales along the x-axis only).

If you use the Scale boxes on the timeline, you can scale it in just one direction.

thank you so much! it worked great