Scaling and Texture issues with custom urban furniture

Hi everyone,
I am having some issues with creating custom urban furniture items.

I understand the correct naming convention for both 2D & 3D versions, along with the text file descriptor.
The item appears in my library and imports, but the textures are all missing and the model also imports at 10x the size.
I notice that all of the materials required by the model appear in the materials tab, but they are not applied to the model itself.
If I use the Import command within Rhino for the exact same file to import it as a block, the model imports correctly, with all textures at the correct size…

Any pointers welcome.
I have checked that the model scaling matches in both my project and the source library file (working in mm).

Hello @miribilist1,

Please, could you send me the file? I’ll test it to figure out the problem. You can post it here, send it to me in a PM or send it to