Problem Assigning materials


Hi Everyone,

I have asked this question before and Brian suggested studying the relevant video on materials, rendering and environments but it didn’t help me resolve my problem. Okay, here goes. I am importing a tree model as an obj file. I have set the renderer as ‘rhino render’. I am using the material editor to assign textures to the trunk, twigs and boughs of the tree. I am sourcing a collection of wood textures I have collected over the years. My wood textures are a mix of TGA’s and Jpegs and some BMP files. Some of the textures I try assigning work perfectly but most of them give me a pop up dialog box headed ‘rdk’ and displaying ‘The parameter is incorrect’. What I would like to know is what parameter is incorrect. Is it the file size or resolution or file type? If I knew what the parameter was I could possibly correct the texture in Paint shop or Photoshop but I am mystified at this point to know how to correct it.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Rob K

(Jakob Normand) #2

Hi Rob

Could you try and post one of the offending bitmaps? It could be something really simple - RGB vs. CMYK, bitdepth or similar?

HTH, Jakob

(Andrew le Bihan) #3

That error is a critical programming error. There’s nothing you are doing wrong.

Would it be possible to do some kind of “screen cast” so I can see exactly what you are doing?

  • Andy

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

Oh - and are you using Rhino 4 or 5?


Hi Andy and Normand,
Thanks both for your help. I managed to overcome the problem. Bear in mind that these are ancient images from Raydream Designer(3d Dream)…a very old Corel program. I converted the files from 256 color BMP to 8 bit TGA files and I can now apply them without the error message. By the way, I’m using Rhino 5 with the latest update and have the renderer set as Rhino Render.

(Andrew le Bihan) #6

Could you send me one of those BMP files so I can fix the bug? Send it to


Hi Andy,
Here’s a few zipped up (couldn’t send as BMP as they aren’t authorized).Bitmap MB)
Rob K