scale2D best fit source points to destination points is there such a command?

I wish to select a few points (picks) on my source planar shape drawn with curves (no surface, no hatch etc) and select where I wish them to be scaled to, and have Rhino perform a Scale2D best fit to these source and destination picks.
The option to select an origin for the scaling would be good but not vital, that option would be the first pick of course.

I would also like this to be done to a raster image placed into rhino with PictureFrame.

Both these would be exceptionally useful :slight_smile:


Use Orient command with scale=yes in the command line (I’m not on my computer, so the wording might be off!).

HTH, Jakob

Hi, I type orient hit enter says scale=no, clickon that
get scale (no, 1D,3D)
i try to pick a corner , no picking not snapping, as if awaiting something else.

type yes says unknown command.

clicking on scale=no should make it scale =yes, i cannot get it to display scale =yes

what should I be doing , I know normally how to get such things to change.


Pure poetry.

The scaling options are No, 1D and 3D - you get to pick one of those…
Any luck?


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I need 2D as per post though

no means it doesnt scale at all, 1D means only in one direction, 3D means xyz, this is planar and must go planar. Scale 2D exists in menu normally so it does exist.

ok what am I overlooking, its been a long day, 11 hrs non stop at pc , mentally just about still functioning.


Hi Steve, I think you’re overlooking that for planar objects, scaling 3d in that plane is the same as scaling 2d.


How does it know they are planar ?
if I had a box and wanted it scaling in x y but not z direction, what would it do if I chose 3D ?

surely it would resize it proportionally in all three axes.

Even if i was in ortho view, that would still happen ?

If I was to choose transform scale3D and in ortho get hold of base of box and double its length all sides would become double ?

just tried it in front viw and box grew 200% on all sides.

brain cells staying awake through this , or are they ?


You’re being very hasty.

  • a box is not planar, it does not count - we said planar, right?

  • make a plane (Plane command) in the CPlane, over the origin. Scale the plane from the origin. - it can only scale in 2d as it’s height in the plane = 0.


Ok, I get it., as I said …12 hrs now at PC. dead beat.

so whats the command to best fit a 3D object if I was to want to best fit scale it just in two planes ?


I would do this:
Orient with no scaling, then Scale2d from the base point of the orient operation.


Two separate command, orient would get a best fit on two points chosen, then run scale2D command from refpoint1.

I try that on a cube drawn in front view, having placed a point in a more rectangular location north east of its top right corner in front view.
orient makes cube tilt downward and its still cube shaped.

Scale2D scaling from cube bott left and selecting its top right corner and taking it out to the point sees it still lean downward but at least it hasnt grown and remained as an equal sided cube.

How would I have stopped the downward tilt in Orient ?

see attached.

before and after cube and target point,
test cube orient scale2d.3dm (27.3 KB)


Please use Project on the OSnaps to keep the operations planar.



Can I use the scaling factor in the orient command to apply just the scaling to another planar object ?

Where can I find out how much it scaled by ?

or how do I run its scaling amount on another item ?