Scale2D from point A to point B use of reference point goes beyond target


I wish to use Scale2D by placing origin, then picking the start point ‘A’, then picking the destination point ‘B’, and having the object point A end up at point B.

I wish it would do this, or at least have an option called scaleToMatchpoint or similar, not make it far bigger, If I pick origiin then A then B the inner shape ends up bigger (wider) than the outer shape, .to do it visually so that A sort of visually matches B is wrong, for we need to use osnaps not visual matching, I expect or wish by picking point A then B that A ends up at B.

attached.Scale2D ref point.3dm (6.7 MB)


Hi Steve, the 2 curves are on different planes, use the Tab key with ortho on, between the reference 2 pick points and scale will work as expected.

Its trying to scale diagonally so hence the expansion when A gets to B,
sometimes takes two or three goes to get that ortho tab working as wanted.
I wish there was an option to pick that said MovePlanar. or IgnoreDistractions !


Also there is an option Project in the Osnap bar.
That lets all osnaps land on the cplane. So no diagonal snaps whatsoever.


I do find Project very useful but also wierd at times, If I wish to draw circles tangent to lines and have no strange behaviour project gets used to create the lines then circles, but there are times things are acting crazy until I turn it off.