Scale curved surface along normals

Do you mean CageEdit or some other kind of assignment?

Hi, I explained how I do it in the following sentences:
“To do so, I create a polyline with straight sections snapped to every consecutive control point that I want to adjust. Then I create a smooth curve that I use as a target shape with the “Flow along curve” command.”

Basically, if you try the Rhino 5 file here, you will see that the surface was extruded from the white curve, then I used Rebuild UV to add 10 rows of control points to the surface, then turned it’s control points on and drew the blue polyline with straight sections along one of the rows of control points. Then I drew the smooth green curve that’s above the surface. At the right side you see the end result after the “Flow along curve” was applied to this particular row of control points. I used the blue line as “Base curve” and the green one as “Target curve”.



PS: You can use “Curve: interpolate points” instead of the regular polyline with straight sections, though I don’t recommend to do it, because the interpolated curve tends to go too far away from the control polygon of the surface’s control points, thus the resulting transformation after the “Flow along curve” command will be inaccurate. On the other hand, the straight sections of the regular polyline directly follow the control polygon, wich as a result preserves the correlation of the transformed control points i.e. the proportion between the individual control points).

Flow along curve (Rhino 5).3dm (143.8 KB)


Great explanation, thank you

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I’m glad to help. Cheers :slight_smile: