Scale Bar in Layout View


Have not been able to find help about how to add a scale Bar (and a North Arrow) into a layout view for a project (for print). I am making maps and I would like to add some reference in my printed version.

Any ideas? Thanks!

PS: I am using VisualARQ that offers a scale bar in the viewports but does not show in layout. I have been doing screen shots because of the lack of a scale bar


Hi @rsolinis1,

Please don’t double-post questions.

– Dale

That’s a slightly different question, @dale.

In Model Space, the scale bar is a display feature that is painted on top of the viewport. I guess you will have to create actual geometry (of the scale bar and north arrow) for it to be visible (and printable) on your layout. @enric or @fsalla can probably shed more light.

Hi @rsolinis1,

Yes, as @wim has pointed out, the VisualARQ scale icon is just a display feature and it is not printed. I’ve created an entry in our wish list for a future VisualARQ update.

In the meantime, you can create the geometry yourself. Moreover, if you know how to use Grasshopper, you can create a VisualARQ annotation style that generates this object:



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Hi Enric, any chance this got covered in the latest release? I had the same issue earlier today and came accross this post.

Hi Aditya, there are no news on the option to print the scale icon. You need to draw it using Rhino geometry or an Annotation object.

Hello. My question/request is only slightly related. Would it be possible to add a north arrow next to the viewport scale bar? I often exchange screenshots of my plan views with my co-workers and as well as external parties. I use c planes and _Plan a lot so there’s no way to know where north is in the screenshot.

Hello @brglez.primoz,

Ok, I have already added your request to the wishlist.