Scale 2d doesnt give scale factor used if one conducts the command by dragging


It is often more convenient to do a drag scale2d than work out the maths of the move,
being able to see the start and finish point of the object I elected to scale2d dragging the corner to where it must go, having firstly selected the origin of the scaling.

I need to see the amount it scaled by, there is no indication what the figure was that it used.

If I wished to scale other items the same amount, how can I do that ?

also with move command, to see the move amount made, and repeat that amount and direction on subsequent items immediately afterwards…how ?


The scale command remembers the value that you used last. So, just select the geometry to scale, call the command, select start point, and hit enter to use the previous value. Same with move (that is value, not direction).

Useful within one instance of Rhino.

does that work if I scale in one instance of rhino then maximise another and apply it there ?
doesnt seem to.

Thus I also need the scale factor as a figure to apply it that way

I also need to write down for someone the scaling amount used, how do I find that out ?


The value (move and scale) is echoed in the command line when you call the command again.