'Say Ahh'... product design and packaging with Rhino 5

In this seven part tutorial series, learn how to design and model a toothbrush as well as it’s packaging using Rhino 5.

This section covers modeling a smooth handle form for later detailing and material breakouts.

Watch all the videos in this series here…
‘Say Ahh’… product design and packaging with Rhino 5


Brian, great job with this video series. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about rendering in Rhino!

I think I will need to watch this a few more times.


Thanks Dan!

i’ve only watched the first one so far but it looks great… these types of videos, to me, are the best (start to finish projects) because you pick up on a lot of little things/techniques…

sort of a bummer from a mac pov though… i mean, that selection filter near the beginning looks awesome :smile: …i imagine i’ll see a few more of these ‘oh wow, i want that too’ moments as i go through the rest of the series.

anyway… thanks for doing this… i’ll watch some more later tonight.

I agree.

Sub-object select to delete a surface from a polysurface, without exploding. Awesome.

Thanks Jeff, I filed selection filter support for Mac Rhino as MR-692 for future reference. Let me know if anything else seems like a must have and I’ll make sure it’s on the list to try and support in the Mac version.

hmm… ok. since we’re playing that game, how about neon and grasshopper? :slight_smile: i kid, i kid.

i watched the rest of the videos and i must say, there is some good learning to be had in there… the displacement technique used for the rubber was interesting to say the least (though i’m assuming this will require an update renderer in mac?)… but the mega-surface file management (extracting the render mesh) was good to see too and i’m sure this will come in handy in my own drawings…

do you know if the ability to extrude surfaces with the gumball (as you did with the toothbrush head) is hooked up on mac yet? that’s something i could definitely use immediately but i can’t figure out the right key combination to do it.

I know it’s been talked about but I honestly can’t say if one it would be technically possible to port these and two if it would then be high on the list. I think there will ultimately have to be different tutorials for Mac Rhino for the foreseeable future. There are so many plugins and now add-ons for Grasshopper that may never make it over to the Mac. Some of these McNeel makes but the vast majority are made by other developers who will have to make the call.

Now the more uplifting news… cmd+shift on Mac Rhino will select subject objects, then start translating via the Gumball and hold down cmd again before releasing the mouse to make an extrusion. Basically cmd = ctrl.

oh… i get it now… hold cmmd after already choosing the direction arrow… works great. thanks for that… i was previously moving the gumball location when trying the cmmd modifier but that’s because i was pushing the key first.


just curious… isn’t there a cross platform language the plugin developers could use? like python? or is that type of language limiting as far as what can be done?

@stevebaer can probably answer that one best

Not quite sure how to answer this one.

C++, C#, and python are all cross platform languages with respect to Rhino and they all have their strengths and weaknesses when compared with each other. The difficult part is in interfacing with platform specific services (typically user interface widgets). We’re getting better at figuring out ways to minimize the amont of platform specific code that is required and for some simple user interfaces there may be no platform specific code, but it is still an area that we are trying to improve.

lol. I like when coders try to talk to people that don’t have a clue. :slight_smile:

thanks for putting it in understandable words @stevebaer

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Great Tutorial !!! Thank you sooo much Brian !!
As an exercise for myself - I tried to do it alone again,
and for this purpose I would like to use the picture of the package graphics .
Is there a way , please, that I can download this picture from some where in website?
thank you very much

Hi Rachel,

I think I got this to you on the Vimeo page already… but here’s the link to the image I used…
Toothbrush package graphic

I have a simple question, at 08:10 in the video, while change circle’ size, why the surface change as well? I can’t change them at same time. Thank you.

I think the spot you’re at is where I recorded History with the Record History button at the bottom of Rhino prior to making the surface. This will link the input curves as the parent for the resulting surface.

It’s very helpful.thank you very much.