Saving .vrscene file for each frame with filename not possible

We want to automate our product rendering and have built it using Grasshopper and Vray. But now I notice that it says the following:

Since for each frame we actually load an .obj or .3dm file to be placed in our scene, the export animation function can’t be used.

So, I am curious why the normal Export function isn’t just exposed as a pin. Then I could set it to true and just give it a file name and then it would save a .vrscene file every time Grasshopper recalculates (ie. every frame of the animation).

Now I could only use the “Export Sequence” function, but I actually want it to only do it for when it runs and the filename would be different for each (it uses the original file name of the imported object).

Only Export actually uses the input file name, but that’s the one I can’t trigger for each frame or I would have to do it manually, which of course does not work.

It would have been super easy to just add a boolean input for Export and then it would be possible to batch export .vrscene files.

Right now I don’t see a way to do that. Any reason it was done like that?

There was a lengthy discussion why it is a bad idea to hide functionality inside components and I am still a firm believer in that. If you hide functionality in right-click buttons you essentially break what Grasshopper is built for. But maybe there is a reason for it similar to what I outline in the last post - that it might trigger something that cannot be reliably triggered in a GH recalculation and therefore needs to be triggered separately. It would be great to understand it. If on the other hand it was purely done to “keep it simple” as was mentioned before by Chaos Group to be the goal of Vray for GH, then that would be a sad moment. For me Vray for GH is not there to make it simple, but to enable advanced workflows like ours and as such should strive for maximum functionality and flexibility and not simplicity.