Saving selections / Grouping subselections

Hi everybody,

Positioning some screwed elements into a plate with holes relative to the object’s screws I’m using to group each element with its screws in order to move it easier but I can’t find the way to group it all together (object and screws + plate holes).

I think that I can reach something good for this particular situation using some cylinders to make the holes with history and then group those cylinders with the object and hide them. That would suppose to make the holes follow the group where the cylinders are hidden. Anyway, counting on the weakness of the History I don’t think it’s a reliable method.

So here we go again with the simplified question:
Is it possible to group an object and a subsellection?
Is it possible to save a selection of concrete objects?

I’m attaching some pics…

1. The object, screws, holes and plate in question:

2. Grouping the object and the screws:

3. Adding the holes to the selection with Ctr+Shifh+Sel.Window:

4. This is the point where I would like to save/group this selection (object and screws + plate holes) in order to handle future movements easier, so when the plate is full of components the subselection becomes more complicated and makes me move to the wireframe display mode and use lots of camera movements…

5. Moving the selection and saying goodbye to it before unselect… :sob:

Thank you very much!!

Hi Jordi - currently there is no way to save selection sets in Rhino or group any but top-level objects. If you feel ambitious, you can look here for the SelectionSets plug-in (bottom of the page) - old but still functional…It saves named selection sets including control point sets.


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Hi Jordi, I don’t know if this helps at all, but anything that gets repeated AND especially if it has multiple parts, I would consider creating Blocks. That way everything stays together, and if changes need to be made, you just go in, edit the Block, and boom- all changed. Plus, you could Group the Blocks and move them together easily.

Also - anything Pascal says, just follow that!:sunglasses:

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Allright Pascal!
It seems I will find gold into this page :spy:
Thank you so much

Hi Alan,

I think blocks are not the solution I’m looking for in this case but you are right that it’s a big help when you are working with repeated geometry… It’s something I’m learning since not a long time ago and I still missing something with them, but I’m on it and hope to mix it into my modeling process as soon as I can.

I know this is not the thread, but now that we are talking about this I will make just a question about blocks:

Can I get a lighter file by block importing inspite of copying non-blocked (or non-instanced, I don’t understand at all xD) geometry?

Thank a lot!!

Hi Jordi - I am not sure if I understand the question, but, it is helpful in terms of file size, as well as management - (i.e. change one to change them all) to make repeated elements as block instances, either linked to external files or not. The greater the number needed, the greater the advantage.


I’m pretty new to Rhnio,but I’m 99.9% sure that yes, using Block Instances of an object throughout a scene will make for a far-lighter file, in regards to geometry.