Saving only the RGB channel in vray

Does anyone know if there is a scriptable vray command to save the VfB in vray with the choice to save only RGB channel, all channels separately or all channels in one single file?
I used this before:

 VRayForRhinoNETInterface.VRayInterface.SaveVFBRenderToPath(filename, saveRGB)

where saveRGB = 1 --> saves only the RGB channel
saveRGB = 0 --> saves all channels separately

It worked fine in vray 2 but in vray 3 the parameter has no effect and all the channels are always saved.
Is there an updated VrayForRhinoNETinterface.dll for vray 3 ?

I could use also the command


but I’ll have only the RGB channel or whatever is active at the moment

Bump …

If you really need fast help, I would ask directly the chaos group support.