Save Rhino file without plugin data


I want to send my current project file to a client, but without Vray render data. I tried “geometry only”, but I lost all layers. Is there a way to save the model without plugin data?


Yes, just use -SaveAs (with dash), on the command line you’ll see a “SavePlugInData=Yes”, set it to SavePlugInData=No and save…


Great, thank you. :smile:

@RMA: Could be good to see this option at the standard UI too, it’s a pity that it’s hidden.


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This is not selective. If you have data stored in the file from other plugins, it will be stripped too.
The only exception to this is Flamingo NXT plug-in data can be stripped out of a file using the Save Small option. I think that is the only plugin that is set up to do that.

Seeing as how Rhino is developing as a plug-in platform and that people using multiple plug-ins are becoming pretty common, it would be good to have a selective plug-in data purge - so please add this to the wishlist for V6.

The idea that SaveSmall can also throw away plug-in data is IMO questionable. We should not have two commands that do the same, one that specifically says what it’s doing and the other which does not… I would not want to be tossing out plug-in data without being sure the operator really wants to do that.



Some plugins allow you to purge their data selectively - for example, yesterday I learned of the Maxwell_removeallmaxwelldata command which works like a charm. Would be nice if VRay had the same.

I think the tools for a plug-in to strip out it’s own plugin data are in the SDK. If they weren’t there, then Flamingo NXT and Maxwell couldn’t do it. If I recall correctly, we hooked it up in Flamingo NXT as part of SaveSmall to avoid having another user interface tool to deal with.

Sounds dangerous, since save small can be used as standard workflow to keep the file size small. Most I use save small together with incremental save and only at the end of the day I use the full save, if I don’t want to wait for the mesh creation next time. If I would use Flamingo NXT, than I could lost my render data quite fast by an accident or user fault.


Does not SaveSmall strip all plugins of plugin related data? I thought this was already registered as a bug? I know block objects do not save plugin data for objects that make up part of a block definition. Is this not also a bug?

SaveSmall saves without render and analysis meshes- i.e. it leaves out only stuff which can easily be regnerated by Rhino.


Vray for Rhino got an extra command like maxwell for removing plugin data at the latest beta too.

Please add the “Save with plugin data” option be added to the standard UI for SaveAs.


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