Deleting orphaned plugin data but not from all plugins?

If a Rhino file contains data from older plugins, but also contains useful data from a newer plugin. Is there a way to tease out which plugin data to delete from file ? If we save without plugin data then it wipes everything.

the purge command may (or may not) be helpful.

Can you give a more specific example so we can look at it more closely?

What plugins are you working with?

The purge deletes everything not currently assigned.
Say you have the Maxwell plugin, the Bella plugin and Cycles. Currently all yous objects are assigned Cycles materials. How do you purge only Maxwell data, but not Bella ?

ah… got it… good question…

@jdhill may have an idea on how to do that since he ran the ship at maxwell for rhino and now runs the ship at bella-

@nathanletwory may have some ideas on how to handle this from the rhino side.

If you are running v5 with the maxwell plugin, you do indeed have the Maxwell_SaveAsWithoutMaxwellData command, which does what it sounds like. But if you are not able to run that command from the plugin (i.e. you are already in v7 with the model), I am aware of no way to remove data specifically owned by a given plugin – maybe @stevebaer or someone knows of a way.

Just guessing, but I assume that by default, Rhino would want to keep shuttling that data around in the file, in case you had an office where some people early in the workflow would use a plugin, followed by others working on the file who don’t have the plugin, followed by yet others working on the file, who do.

Or more generally, it would be kept just on the principle that saving a file with a plugin unavailable should not be destructive to the file, so would require some sort of warning dialog, asking whether you want to keep that plugin’s data.

Thanks for the help @theoutside and @jdhill .
It is not a big priority and I don’t intent it to pull people away from more important things on this.
If I have a file with plugin data that needs preserving, I just zip it and work on a copy and use purge on the copy.

We don’t have tools to remove specific plug-in data right now. Definitely not an impossible task, just more typing.

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