Save dimension styles

Hey there! I have some problems using rhino for mac. I have to put dimensions on some dxf files and save a printscreen than. But a bad thing in mac os rhino is, that the program doesn’t keep my own dimension styles. So every time I open dxf I have to create a new style or edit the default one.

Define your dim styles in you template 3dm file and then import the dxf into Rhino.

That or use the ImportDimStyles command to import your styles into the dxf file.

I have 100 files and import each one Is a little headache. I just keep templet open and copy the objects into. But it would be faster to open native dxf file becouse a style from presets

save your template file.

File-> Save As Template

…you can then go File-> New Using Template ,choose your newly saved template, and set it to default… anytime rhino opens a new file now, it will have your dimension styles in it.

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Thank you. Seems like working method!