Same Plane (X,Y) direction on the multiple surfaces


Is there any way to have one Plane (X,Y) direction on the all surfaces?
In the image, there are different UV direction between A and B.
I would like to make the X and Y direction either as A or B.

Same UV direction Multiple (5.6 KB)

I have tested possible ways which I found from this forum.
I didn’t check the c# script (Sorting/unitizying multiple surfaces direction UVS - #4 by maje90) because I would like to understand GH without c#.
For some reason I could achieve my goal.

Thanks for you help in advance!

Why not to move planes from A to B positions?

There are many ways to match B planes with A planes but you’ve put so little context into the problem that deciding which one to use is arbitrary, so I think moving is the easiest thing to do.


Thanks for the quick response.
What component is better to use, for example, Align Planes?

The main issue was the surface was flipped which I found it after I posted this topic.
There will be many boxes in the various location.
I was hoping that I might have one solution to have all surfaces with same plane position by solving this topic.

The context is very simple.
I created those surfaces from two Curves. That is why there are surfaces in the A and B parts.

There are the components for flipping surface directions in PufferFish > Swap Surface Directions. You can use this to sync surface directions. That will be a pretty complex task because you will have to set rules when to flip UV direction, when to swap them, etc.

if you just want to have the same plane on B as on A, then what @Dani_Abalde suggest could look like this:

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the comments.
For some reason, I can’t get same result as you made.
What did I wrong?

It would be good for me if you can look at the latest my GH.
Same UV direction Multiple (11.7 KB)
Same UV direction Multiple Surfaces-1.3dm (48.9 KB)

Here is more detailed my intention of this topic.

I will create façade from those surfaces. Each facade will have same system.
I will not use lunch box or paneling tools in this case.

So my goal is like this:

The component Is Planar is used to check if a surface is flat, not to extract a plane. In that last capture, with this component you are converting a plane into a surface in the input and then getting a surface plane which is not what you want. Your desired planes are in the Move output.

You can do the same with less components using Plane origin component where the input plane is the A planes and the input point are the B center points.

Hi Dani_Abalde,

Thanks. I learn a new thing.

I tested with the Plane origin.

However I would like to have plane like this.

What did i wrong? Could you give me your comments for this?
Here is GH script.
Same UV direction Multiple (13.2 KB)

Same UV direction Multiple (242.5 KB)

When you start with GH, is very important to read carefully the component and parameters description and data. Give a try to Sunglasses with Display Riched Capsules active to have a quick preview of it by zoom in. F4R seems to be in maintenance right now, so try in a few hours.


Thanks a lot.