Salt Crystallization grow pattern

Hi! Im new un Grasshopper and im trying to find a way to create a pattern that imitates the grow of the salt crystallization. Basiccly is based on perfect cubes, but with ramdom rotation and scale. I have no clue on how to start this project. Any ideas?
Ill attach images of the final image i want to achieve.
Thanks for the support!


The Random component is your friend here, just remember to pick different seed values for each random component otherwise you’ll get the same random values over and over.

So assuming you have 50 points that represent the centres of each crystal cube, generate 50 random values. The random range should go from the smallest crystal size you want to the largest. You can now create 50 cubes using your 50 points and your 50 random size values.

Next up also generate 50 random values in the range 0 to 360, using a different seed from before. You use these values to rotate each cube around its centre point and the world Z-axis.

Lastly, generate 50 random values in the range -90 to +90, again using a different seed value and use those numbers to rotate your cubes around the world Y-axis.

Very cool MDF models btw!

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