Running Rhino in batch mode


I am trying to connect Rhino with an optimization software. Therefore Rhino has to run in batch mode.

So far I managed to run Rhino and the implemented Planing Analysis for the investigated hull by a batch file. With the aim of not starting Rhino for every loop of the optimization I am looking for a command that will start Rhino in background. I am thinking of something like the “/nosplash” command to suppress the splash screens. I know that for several programs something like writing “-batchmode” or “-batch” behind the call of the executable in command task may work. Is there a similar command for Rhino?

Hopefully you understand my problem up to here, otherwise just ask for further informations. I am a novice at scripting and programming and tried my best thus far.

Looking forward for your ideas!!

It is possible to start Rhino from COM an send scripts to it. For more information, please see the following example.