Run Rhino in background with scripting

Is there a way to run Rhino with a script in the background? Right now I call

“C:/Program Files/Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)/System/Rhino.exe” /nosplash /runscript="! _-RunPythonScript"

…but this opens Rhino in the standard interactive mode while executing the script. It’d be better if it was possible to have it run in the background so it doesn’t pop up in the user’s face while the script is executing.

Hi Marcus,

The only way to run Rhino in the background it to run it via ActiveX automation (e.g. COM). Here is some background:

And here is a VBScript sample:

To run VBScripts, use CScript.exe.

Note, the .NET languages are also capable of automating Rhino.

– Dale