Running error


Rhino won’t run on my computer. I tried re-downloading it but this message popped up as I tried to install it. I would really appreciate the help thanks.

Hello - click on Run Anyway.


Okay, I clicked on run anyway and the program was installed but it still won’t run.

What are the details of your computer?
Does it meet Rhino’s System Requirements?
These can be found on the Support page.

Here are my computer details.


Can I download a previous version. I noticed this started happening after installing the latest update

That looks fine.

How about your graphics card(s)?
Use the Windows Device Manager and expand the Display adapter section.
Right click on the adapter (there may be two), choose Properties, and take a screenshot of the driver tab.
Do this for both if you have two.



Okay those are the drivers that I have installed

I don’t think it’s my computer specs, I could run it with no problem just last week, It can run revit as well. I noticed that it changed when I updated the program.

@pascal, @John_Brock maybe this is the same “false-positive” problem as the fellow with Avast that signaled the latest SR as carrying the Alexa virus. Only with Windows Defender…?

Hi - could you try to disable Windows Defender and then run Rhino? Also, have you tried running Rhino in safe mode?

I just got this installing the latest rhino_en-us_7.0.19324.08045 WIP
(not from auto download, I downloaded it manually):

Going to “more info” and punching the “run anyway” button did launch the install which appears to have completed successfully. (Win 8.1 on this machine)

Seattle, we have a problem…

I guess the question is, how big is the problem? Are you running the WIP successfully after that (as opposed to the “install having completed successfully”)?

Yes, it runs. However, the big black splash screen will scare a bunch of people.

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There isn’t much we can do but wait. We had to change our root certificate for digitally signing Rhino, and now Rhino looks like it’s coming from a new organization. As we release more clean software with this certificate, SmartScreen will come to trust us.

AVG seems to think we are a threat now, too, finding false positives for an “Alexa” related virus. AVG has always been good at false positives.