Rhino doesn't run on my computer

I was using Rhino on a computer, but one day there was a problem with the operating system and I had to reinstall it.

I installed Rhino on the clean Windows installation, but Rhino was taking too long to start and the interface didn’t respond. After some Windows updates, it started working correctly, but within a few days, I had the same problem (Rhino secure mode worked ok).

I decided to reinstall Windows one more time, and installed Rhino again. Once again, even after the Windows updates, the interface doesn’t load correctly and crashes (Rhino secure mode works ok).

The specifications of my computer are the following

I know it’s not a fancy computer, but it was running Rhino 6 very well before I had trouble with Windows in the first place and had to reinstall it, and it currently runs Rhino secure mode pefectly.

Do I have to change any configuration or something in order to get Rhino working as before?

Hello - get all available Windows and the latest video card driver updates , then have another try.