RS ShootRay on trimmed srfs


Hi list,

I am trying out ShootRay() on some very simple geometry. It seems that the rays intersect the untrimmed srf, which is not what I expect.

The green points are the ray origin, red dots and connecting lines are what ShootRay() gives me as the intersection points:

If I untrim the triangular srf, it becomes obvious that the ray shooter hits trimmed-off parts of the srf:


This is on version 5SR12


Oh, and here are the model and script…

shoot_rays.3dm (62.8 KB) (314 Bytes)

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Hi @axa,

unfortunately that is how it has always been and applies to vbscript, python and rhino common. The helpfile mentions:

Only Surface and Brep objects are currently supported. Trims are ignored on Breps.

Your script looks like you’re only interested in the first reflection point ? Why not intersect with a line or project the points and try to keep the closest one ? Below is an example script using projection and scene based on yours. Note that a projection can hit an object multiple times and goes in two directions… (1.8 KB)
shoot_rays.3dm (90.7 KB)


Rayshoot not recognizing empty geometry

Hi Clement,

thank for pointing out the limitations of ShootRay(). I tend to work almost exclusively with the rs doclumentation

and was therefore blissfully unaware of this. With the limitations in place (no trimmed Breps, no meshes), ShootRays() is essentially useless for most tasks.

Thank you also for providing a ProjectPointsToBreps() example. Yes, for my particular application, this works very well. I’ve now re-written my code around rs.ProjectPointToSurface().

Have a good week