RhinoCommon: RayShoot does not test for trimmed boundary? (V6)


Does Rhino.Geometry.Intersect.Intersection.RayShoot test for trimmed boundary?
Tested both: Brep and Surface input.
Usually I prefer Raycasting over Point Projection due to speed. However I have two surface patches overlaying and results are not like expected, see in attached image:

raycast.gh (5.1 KB)

HI @TomTom,

This is a known limitation.


– Dale

Hello Dale,

thank you. I wasn’t sure if its a limitation or a bug in V6. In my current project I was lucky that I noticed this, because both surfaces (if untrimmed) had only small deviation from each other and the Grasshopper Shader wasn’t good enough to evaluate accuracy from eye.

Actually I noticed an entry in the SDK:

geometryType: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable
Only Surface and Brep objects are currently supported. Trims are ignored on Breps.

Thank you.

Best Tom