Rs.offsetsurface scripting

Has anyone else noticed that the offset surface method does not work with polysurfaces in python? Haven’t tried it with vbs, but the normal Rhino “OffsetSrf” command works just fine with pretty much anything i can throw at it. I’ve followed the call chain into, and none of the successive coerce calls seem to be getting geometry back to the OffsetSurface method. It doesn’t throw any errors up to the editor level. any ideas?

Hi Bert,

Python’s rs.OffsetSurface does not replicate Rhino’s OffsetSrf command. Rather, it provides the functionality of RhinoScript’s Rhino.OffsetSurface method, as “rs” == “RhinoScript syntax”.

There is a function in the Rhino C++ SDK that will offset a polysurface. But I don’t believe that is has been wrapped for RhinoCommon. I’ll see that it gets on the “to-do” list.


– Dale

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Thanks much Dale, it would be an excellent tool to have.

@dale, has there been any progress in getting the offsetsrf functionality baked into rhinocommon? the createshell command (which requires at least one face to be removed) is a bit of a struggle to deal with.

No, not yet. Here is the item if you want to watch it: