Bug: rs.OffsetSurface()

rs.OffsetSurface(srf, offset_dist, both_sides=True),
returns one guid. In Rhino it adds a polysurface with two surfaces that are not touching. The polysurface can be exploded into two surfaces.

I consider this a bug, since in Rhino without the SDK it is not possible to make a polysurface consisting of surfaces that do not touch. Or am I wrong with this?

Thanks - Silvan

It depends on the tolerance with which they are joined.

They are way out of the tolerance. Tolerance is at 0.1, the offset is 80.

I’m confused, is there a bug here that I need to fix?

Rhino commands usually do not make polysurfaces as the on in the attached image, except for the cases when tolerance is greater than the distance of the edges.

rs.OffsetSurface() makes such surfaces when the edges are further apart than tolerance.